Update 3

Seriously, no more procrastinating after this!

Oh, I mean, hello everyone. If it seems like you haven’t heard from me in awhile, it’s because you haven’t. But, now that I’ve begun moving into a new place, one with a much more positive environment around me, I’m feeling a surge of good and creative energy. That, and I’m working a few other daytime jobs, so I have a bit more financial sure-footing, and as such, more time to write instead of going job hunting.

So, let this stand for posterity’s sake; I did not decide to erase all my posts! Rather, I’m going to do the mature ‘writer’ thing, and just go back and do some editing. New pieces should be coming up by Monday. And finally, actually, I’m going to put up some contact info. That way I can do a monthly mail thing.

Anyways, I love you all. Keep fighting for the hearth.