Update & New Series

Bon soir, everyone. Sorry it’s been some time, I’m well aware of the criticism all of you may have. But no, I’m back on the case yet again, with an announcement of a new series. You see, one of my hobbies is tabletop role-playing games, and for awhile I’ve been wondering if there was some way to incorporate this hobby of mine with the rest of my writing.

Enter Chronica Feudalis. This RPG, written by Jeremy Keller, is a wonderfully written book that facilitates historic role-playing in the middle ages with a focus on realism and historic accuracy. Beautiful in it’s prose, I’ll probably give a full review of the game itself soon. But what I’m going to be doing is taking my players, playing solo and group adventures, and recounting them here on my site as a new series. It should be fun, look forward to it soon.

Update-January 18th 2018

Hello all, just wanted to give a quick update. Sorry I have been absent from posting, but I started a new job with crazy hours and just took some time to get used to it. But actual writing pieces will be coming back soon enough.

Additionally, I will be adding some contact info. My goal is to make this site more well known and in order to do that, in part, you have to get the conversation going. I’m just looking at the best options for that.

Anyways, stay warm, everyone. It’s a brisk, rainy winter, so far.